May 28, 2024  
Butler University Bulletin 2023-2024 
Butler University Bulletin 2023-2024

Science, Technology, and Society, (BA or BS)

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Requirements for the Science, Technology, and Society Major

Core Courses (14 Hours):

Eighteen Hours of Elective Courses From Various Departments

Of these, 12 hours must be at the 300-400 level. A total of no more than 3 hours of independent study (ST 401 , ST 402 , or ST 403 ) and/or internship credit (ST 411 -ST 413  or ST 416 ) can be used to satisfy this requirement. Additionally, no more than one of the research methods courses PS 210 , PS 211 , and SO 393  may count toward this requirement.


STS majors may select STS elective courses to satisfy one of three concentrations within the major: Technology Studies, Health Studies, or Justice, Equity, and Democracy. Each concentration will require 9 credits (three, 3 credit electives) chosen from a subset of electives designated to count for each concentration. These 9 credits will satisfy half of the 18 STS elective credits required. STS majors are not obligated to choose a concentration. Due to elective overlap between concentrations, STS majors are limited to a single concentration within the major.

In addition to the 32 hours above, 13 hours in the natural sciences and/or technology (engineering or computer science) must also be completed. One course from The Natural World requirement of the Core Curriculum can be used to satisfy part of this requirement. Natural science and/or technology courses that are also identified as science, technology, and society electives may be used either to satisfy the natural science/technology requirement or the elective requirement but not both. The 13 hours of science and/or technology courses are not understood to be part of the major, and as such, they may be counted toward a minor or major in a science and technology discipline.

Because of overlapping curricula, students may not double-major in science, technology, and society and environmental studies or combine a major in one of these areas with a minor in the other.

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