May 28, 2024  
Butler University Bulletin 2023-2024 
Butler University Bulletin 2023-2024

Division of Professional Studies

Julie Straub, EdD, Senior Executive Director, Division of Professional Studies; Robert J. Padgett, PhD, Director and Faculty Lead, Master of Data Analytics; Robyn Brown, M.Ed., Senior Director of Extended Learning

Affiliate Faculty - MS Data Analytics

Prachi Arora, PhD; Francis Bowen, PhD; Caleb A. Class, PhD, PharmD; Ankur Gupta, PhD; Thomas Hanson, PhD; Chad Knoderer, PharmD; Mauricio Melgarejo Duran, PhD; Robert J. Padgett, PhD;Mohammad Shaha Patwary, PhD; Janaina Siegler, MBA; Chi Zhang, PhD  

Affiliate Faculty - Professional Education

Susan Adamson, PhD; Hilary Buttrick, JD; Craig Caldwell, PhD; Steven Dolvin, PhD; Kelli Esteves, EdD; Thomas Faulconer, JD; Ryan Flessner, PhD; Shelly Furuness, PhD; Catherine Pangan, EdD; Kathy A. Paulson Gjerde, PhD

Adjunct Faculty - MS Data Analytics

Brian Castille, BS; Hazem Elewa, PhD; Jonathan Nowacki, MBA

Adjunct Faculty - Professional Education

Maggie Bergamini, BA.; Cathy Chamberlaine, MBA; William Gulley, MBA; Cathy Hartman, MS; Amanda Huffman, MS; Sarah Kazmiercak, MS; Ali Mailloux, MS; Dan McQuiston, PhD; Sally Perkins, PhD; Diane Pike, MA; Michelle Rupenthall, PhD; Nicholas Smarrelli, MA; Shelbi Smeathers, MS

DPS Website

Butler’s Division of Professional Studies (DPS) was established to serve the needs of adult and online learners through degree, certificate, and non-degree programs. DPS also helps organizations achieve their employee training and development goals through the creation of custom programs tailored to an organization’s needs.

DPS programs have significant market appeal and are highly distinctive in the higher education space, providing opportunities for students to gain new knowledge, skills, and expertise employers not only value but need, to remain competitive in the ever-changing business environment.

Butler University has been approved to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.

Professional Education

Butler University Professional Education offers courses, certificates and customized programs to individuals and organizations. Our custom programs are designed with the customer - and their goals - in mind. Butler University Professional Education aims to help organizations transform their thinking to achieve both immediate and long-term success.

Certificate programs span a number of different topics and are designed to help an individual enhance their skillset and advance their career. The current portfolio of programs for individuals includes:

  • Butler Insurance Academy
  • Cyber Risk Management Certificate
  • Enterprise Risk Management Certificate
  • Insurance and Securities Licensure and Test Prep
  • CFP Test Prep Certificate
  • Foundations in Business Certificate
  • Teacher-Led Teacher Education
  • Early Childhood Educator Certificate
  • Coaching as a Mentality course
  • Design Thinking Certificate

Data Analytics

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