May 28, 2024  
Butler University Bulletin 2023-2024 
Butler University Bulletin 2023-2024

American Chemical Society Certificate

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Required Introductory Chemistry Courses

Foundational Chemistry Courses

Five courses from the following list

In-Depth Chemistry Courses

Four courses from the following list

Chemistry Laboratory Experiences

A minimum of 400 hours of in-lab experiences are required and must cover four of the five areas of chemistry (organic, inorganic, analytical, biochemical, and physical). A student who uses research to meet the ACS certification requirements for lab hours must prepare a well-written, comprehensive, and well-documented research report, including safety considerations where appropriate.

Analytical Chemistry Courses With Labs

Biological Chemistry Courses With Labs:

Inorganic Chemistry Courses With Labs:

Organic Chemistry Courses With Labs:

Physical Chemistry Courses With Labs:

Research Laboratory Courses/Experiences

(area depends on expertise of the supervising faculty member):

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