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Butler University Bulletin 2023-2024 
Butler University Bulletin 2023-2024

Creative Media and Entertainment

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Why Study Creative Media and Entertainment?

Creative Media and Entertainment refers to the wide array of artistic and cultural works that are digitally produced and distributed through a variety of new and traditional platforms from radio to television, film to video, online communication, and social media. This major introduces students to the conceptual and practical aspects of digital media technologies, aesthetics, and industries related to the worlds of entertainment, sports, and communication. Studying Creative Media and Entertainment from theoretical, stylistic, and applied approaches provides the knowledge and skills needed to develop content from pre-production planning to finished communication product. Students also learn how the various creative media businesses and industries work and what exactly creativity means within these interrelated contexts. The curriculum prepares students to be innovative decision-makers as artists and craftspeople, business executives and administrators, digital media-savvy critics, and consumers.

Why Study Creative Media and Entertainment at Butler?

This major covers the fundamental theories and skills, technologies and aesthetics, work cultures and audiences that are relevant to a thorough understanding of Creative Media and Entertainment as a field of study, a career path, and a major preoccupation and pursuit for millions of people worldwide. Butler provides students with a deep dive into this subject area with its small class sizes and quality faculty members. The foundational coursework and production lab spaces and equipment are updated on a regular cycle, so students gain up-to-date knowledge and ready access to hardware and software that keep close pace with industry changes. Students can engage in multiple internships and practical cocurricular experiences that provide feedback about their progress in developing high-level analytical and production skills. Additionally, students benefit from Butler’s location within Indianapolis and proximity to all media and corporate venues of the 14th most populous city in the country.

CME Student Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the entertainment media industry and its historical, economic, cultural, and stylistic aspects
  • Gather information through appropriate methods
  • Demonstrate an understanding of aesthetic and creative principles and strategies in the field
  • Apply aesthetic and creative principles and strategies in the discipline
  • Use communication technology effectively
  • Demonstrate team building, collaboration, and leadership
  • Apply professional, ethical, and legal standards in the field

Degree Programs

  • Major in Creative Media and Entertainment (BA)
  • Minor in Creative Media and Entertainment 




      Creative Media and Entertainment

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